About Us

Growing up in a family that owned a chicken company, I had the opportunity to learn about first-hand the types of products that were going into dog food and treats. Years later, I watched as dogs across our country were being fed inedible, unsafe, substandard, watered down, gimmicked treats. That’s when my wife and I set out to make a healthy, trustworthy, clean, basic treat that people could feel good about feeding their dog. Our company was founded on three principles: Quality, Value, and Integrity.

Through the love for our dogs(Moemus, Gus, Knox, and Reggie), we sought out to use the family chicken business as a launching pad to produce a superior chicken product for our four legged furry family members. Consumers are becoming more conscientious. They want to know where their products are coming from and that they can trust in the products they are buying. The chicken jerky market for dogs has been saturated with sub-par foreign products, expensive USA made products, and recalls due to bad products across the board. We are seeking to change that.

Most important is what this company, Dog Bark Naturals, is allowing my wife and I to do – helping those that can’t help themselves. Our four dogs live a life better than most, completely spoiled rotten, and gaining in notoriety as they are literally the face of our treats – check them out on the front of our package! But many, many dogs out there aren’t as fortunate. Therefore, portions of every sale are donated to local area dog shelters and rescue groups all around the country. Dog Bark Naturals and Chicken Bark are aimed at making dogs happy everywhere.

As Natural As It Gets! One ingredient. One happy dog!

Our treats are minimally processed and do not contain manufactured ingredients.They do not contain additives such as hormones, antibiotics, sweeteners, food colors, or flavorings that were not originally in the food.

  • High in Protein

    Proteins are the basic building blocks for cells, tissues, organs, enzymes, hormones and antibodies. Proteins are also essential for growth, maintenance, repair and energy.You can find proteins in a variety of sources. Animal-based proteins such as chicken have complete amino acid profiles, which means they contain a wider variety of the amino acids your dog can use.

  • Low in Fat

    Some fats are necessary. They are the most concentrated form of energy. Fats are used to absorb and help utilize vitamins. They also help provide your dog with healthy skin and coat.

  • No Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Flavors

    Many preservatives used in dog food and treats contain zero nutritional value. Many treats on the shelves today use artificial colors and flavors trying to trick you and your dog into thinking their treats are good. They aren’t and we don’t.

  • No Byproducts

    We all love our dogs. And we want the best for them. So only the best, highest quality ingredients are used in our treats. No left over parts or pieces deemed inedible for human consumption are used. We aren’t trying to hide the value of our treats by using these cheap products to make more money. Only the best for “Man’s Best Friend.”

Show your dogs some love with Dog Bark Naturals!

Dog Bark Naturals are treats, rewards, incentives, and great sources of protein your dog will absolutely love and ones you can feel good about giving to that beloved member of your family. All of our treats are made with one single ingredient! There’s no guess work in what or how much of anything you get with our treats. Minimally processed and as natural as it gets, your dog will know the difference and love you for it.