• Why only 1 ingredient?

    We are committed to making the best treats available today. At Dog Bark Naturals, we don’t hide the quality or quantity of our meat and poultry in a long laundry list of ingredients. Many health problems in our dogs today can be attributed to what they are ingesting. We also are not interested in “watering down” our products with fillers and such just to make more money. Back to basics, quality and value are all you’ll find with our treats. One ingredient – One Happy Dog!!!!

  • Where do your ingredients come from?

    All of our chicken, beef, and pork is born and raised right here in the USA. We responsibly source, going to great lengths, to bring in the highest quality raw materials.. Our kangaroo and shark cartilage are responsibly sourced from Australia – who is widely known to implore similarly strict guidelines and oversight in this industry.

  • Are your treats safe to give to my puppy?

    Yes, absolutely! Our treats are safe for dogs of all ages. With puppies, you always want supervise feeding and have water on hand. Of course, a puppy’s stomach is much smaller than a fully grown canine, so treats should be broken into smaller pieces and fed in moderation.

  • With all the scares and recalls of treats, how do I know Dog Bark Naturals are safe?

    All of our treats are produced in plants built and operated according to FDA food safety guidelines. Also, each batch is sampled and sent off to be tested by outside, unaffiliated laboratories.

  • Are Dog Bark Naturals products available for sale online?

    Yes! Our treats are sold on Amazon.com. Also, select retailers of Dog Bark Naturals operate their own websites where they sell our treats.

  • How should I store my Dog Bark Naturals treats?

    Our treats are manufactured with shelf lives of at least one year. It is best to avoid storing them in extreme temperatures as this will increase the possibility of moisture developing inside the bag which, over time, can cause the product to deteriorate prematurely. A cool, dry, readily accessible place is best. They do not need to be refrigerated.

  • How should I feed my dog treats?

    Early, often and with love! Treats are meant to be just that – a treat, reward or incentive. They should never be given to replace regular meals or without supervision. A good rule would be no more than ten percent of a dog’s normal diet.

  • What if my dog doesn’t like your treats?

    Send them back. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. If you or your dog do not like our treats, just return them to us here at Dog Bark Naturals and we’ll refund your purchase.

  • Do your dogs eat your treats?

    Of course! Our dogs can be found pretending to be part of our Quality Control team and also featured on our packaging. We also welcome any pictures of your furry family members enjoying our treats to be featured in our K9 Customers section!